About Alpha Squad Multirotor

Alpha Squad Multirotor is a brand focused in FPV miniquad that combines engineering and aesthetics without sacrificing the function. We are willing to continue to innovate following the fast technological advances this hobby brings.

We launched Alpha Squad Multirotor brand in September 2017.
We are passionate in this FPV hobby and we are willing to further develop so we can offer more variety products in the market.

After Sales Program

  • Spare part availability
  • Thingiverse resources for accessories, search : alpha squad multirotor
  • Specialty parts can be ordered from Armattan production, search : alpha squad multirotor
  • Warranty : for now only aluminum cage from Seeker frame (lifetime warranty, if break)

Our Future

  • Continue developing and innovating FPV miniquad frames of all sizes and purposes
  • Expand product line ups to other FPV related electronic parts and accessories
  • Contribute to International FPV communities in form of new product offering to enrich International FPV experience

Team Pilot