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MOLLE (Moduler Lightweight Load Carrying Equipment) FPV/Camera Bag

KATWA•CO X ALPHA SQUAD MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) FPV/Camera Backpack is a bag specifically designed to carry everything you need to events whether you are an FPV pilot, or a Photographer/Videographer based on inputs of serious people in the hobby.

We then form a collaboration with KATWA•CO backpacks (Indonesian Bag Designer and Producer) to create a Quality backpack that is functional, strong, and practical (good looks is bonus).

External Dimension : Height 57 cm x Width 36 cm x Thickness 26 cm
Laptop Compartment Dimensions : 40 x 29 x 2 cm
Weight (empty) : 2.5 KG
Maximum Load : 50KG

In collaboration with KATWA•CO


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The bag fits:

  1. Up to 6, 5”miniquads on exterior mounting locations and up to 2 (without propellers installed) in interior storage
  2. FPV goggles and Transmitter
  3. 10-20 spare batteries
  4. Spare propellers
  5. Spare parts
  6. Tools
  7. Mini Lipo Charger
  8. Up to 15 inch Laptop
  9. Extra clothes
  10. External bottled drink pockets
  11. Tripod straps (sides)

Key Features:

  1. Velcro on Top Cover to put your club’s logo.
  2. Easy to access compartment, the main compartment can be accesses from the front and from the back.
  3. Easy laptop (up to 15 inch) compartment access without having to open the whole bag
  4. Bag Rain Coat included
  5. Matt for working on your equipments included
  6. More than enough external straps to hook your FPV miniquads or Camera Gears
  7. More than enough pockets and compartments to store your special gears
  8. Easy access pockets and compartments specifically designed if you regularly travel by plane (passports, wallets, smarphones, spare clothes)
  9. The bag is made from high quality Nylon PU coating material and inverted zipper
  10. Ready for future add-ons