OlaFPV VTX Assassin

The OlaFPV VTX Assassin is a 30-30 mounting board for your VTX and RX with an integrated “VTX Kill switch”, meaning you can turn your VTX off based off a signal from your FC. This allows for ultra fast pit stops at team races, back to back flight of separate aircraft, and the peace of mind that comes with the ability to power down your vtx, which is often prone to overheating. The VTX Assassin is compatible with virtually any RX and VTX, but if you want to hard solder your RX and VTX directly to the VTX Assassin PCB, the following components are supported:

TBS Unify line of VTXs (Race, HV, 5v Pro, Nano)
MMCX is NOT direct solder supported
TBS Crossfire Nano
FrSky XM
Frsky XM+


In stock



  • 2-7s LiPo input (max 30v)
  • 1.6mm PCB
  • 30.5 * 30.5 M3 Mounting Holes

Supported FC FWs

  • Betaflight (pinIO)
  • FlightOne v1.2+ (VTXPWRToggle)
  • Butterflight (pinIO)
  • Kiss (Buzzer -, EXPERIMENTAL)
  • FlightOne <v1.2 (Buzzer -, EXPERIMENTAL)

Example Pit Stop

Land quad 1
*Quad one will disarm*
Move “quad selector switch (see setup videos) from quad 1 to quad 2”
*VTX from quad one gets shut of, and arming is disabled on quad one*
*quad 2s VTX gets turned on, and now your arm switch controls quad 2*
*Quad 2 will arm*