Alpha Squad - Seeker HS Cage

Seeker HS LITE

SEEKER HS (High Speed) Lite is specialized miniquad frame for professional FPV racing. Developed by Alpha Squad Multirotor Team Pilots from USA and Indonesia for the last 6 months, the Seeker family was introduced to give competitive options for pilots with one goal in mind ; winning races!

SEEKER HS Lite uses top of the line materials such as Aluminium T6 7075 cages, 3K twill fully chamferred carbon fiber, titanium and stainless steel hardwares. Our end goal is to offer a serious FPV miniquad racing frame that is ready to face fierce competition.


  • A pair of sanblasted Aluminium T6 7075 cages protect your vital electronic components such as FPV Micro Cam and FC Stack. These cages are designed to be the main structural strength of the frame with 35 degrees slanted top design. Just strap on your favorite HD cam for recording your practice run, and you are good to go! These cages come with LIFETIME WARRANTY and if you manage to break the cage in pieces, we will replace the cage for FREE! The 3 mm bottom plate uses countersunk bolts for a flat LIPO placement reducing the chance of nicking your LIPO during unlucky crashes.


  • Skinny arms are designed solely for performance in mind, making sure the most thrust out of your propellers. Exclusively at Acrodrones, the SEEKER HS Lite is a version which comes with 5mm thick arms that are interlocked per pair, and can fit up to 5.5 inch propellers, hence the name HS (High Speed). Each set of frame includes 4 arms. With the aluminium cage, SEEKER HS Lite frame dry weight is 83 grams.


  • We are well aware that in racing environment, practicality is a must! We constantly repair our miniquads whether it is just at home maintenance, or quick pit stop on field. Individual Arms can be quickly repaired and FC stack can be easily reached and repaired for those unlucky crashes. Once you own a practical racing frame, you will never go back to complicated frames.



  • Blue threadlock on Cages x Bolts install (no nylon lock on Cages thread so threadlocks are a must)
  • Only fits Micro FPV CCD/CMOS Camera (e.g. Runcam Micro swift, Foxeer Micro, Caddx Micro)
  • Thin and lightweight VTX (e.g. TBS unify Pro, TBS unify nano, Matek stackable VTX, etc)
  • Compact 4 in 1 ESC with PCB size that does not protrude beyond 36 x 36mm (note : Raceflight Bolt needs to have corner ESC pads trimmed by 1 – 1.5mm, but Raceflight Bolt32 fits)
  • Flight Controllers that does not protrude beyond 36 x 36mm
  • Micro receivers
  • 20 x 20mm bolt pattern for 20 x 20mm fc stack available


  • Sandblasted Aluminium T6 7075 sandblasted LIFETIME WARRANTY cages included
  • Fully chamferred carbon fiber parts eliminating sharp edges
  • Fits only micro sizes FPV camera (e.g. Runcam Micro swift, Foxeer Micro, Caddx Micro)
  • 218 mm motor to motor distance
  • Stretch X / Long X configuration
  • Easy arm replacement (5 mm thick arms)
  • 35 degrees slanted top for HD cam placement (if using cages)
  • Necessary 20mm standoffs, titanium and stainless
  • steel hardwares included
  • 4x arms included
  • Instruction Manual Included
  • Dry weight with cage : 83 grams