Alpha Squad Tomcat Flex X

Tomcat Flex X

Tomcat Flex-X a unique FPV miniquad frame developed by Alpha Squad Multirotor with 2 different design approaches. Designed for looks and accurate engineering efforts. We want to present a versatile frame thas has flexibility in arm configartion, simple yet stylish.

Alpha Squad Multirotor is a brand focused in FPV miniquad that combines engineering and aesthetics without sacrificing the function. We are willing to continue to innovate following the fast technological advances this hobby brings.

We launched Alpha Squad Multirotor brand in September 2017.

We are passionate in this FPV hobby and we are willing to further develop so we can offer more variety products in the market.


  • Quick change arm configuration from True X (210mm) to Stretch X (218mm) with simple access to its bolts. This quick change process will only take you 3 minutes or faster than changing 4 propellers.
  • This frame is suitable for both racing and freestyle (bottom mount Li-Po).


  • This frame weights 73 grams dry without TPU armors, and 83 grams with all 3 armors installed.
  • This frame was designed to be easy to access during build process or during repairs.


  • We include 3 parts made from TPU 3D printing (flexible material) with this frame. It serves a purpose of providing some armors for your vital electronic parts (FPV cam, FC, and VTX) .
  • We provide 2 sets of standoffs with different height; 25mm for low profile build or 28 mm for a little more space for your FC stack.