A Retro yet modern approach to a freestyle frame, designed in collaboration with Rama Tribudiman aka SukaFPV. Traditional bus style frame but modern features and design lines. Vigilante comes in 2 versions, 5 inch freestyle and 7 inch long range. Geometry is squashed/squish/wide X measuring motor to motor at 220mm for 5 inch, and 270mm for 7 inch.


Key feature:

  1. Quick arm replacement without disassembling FC Stack
  2. Built in soft mount for FC Stack
  3. 5mm chamfered arm
  4. Battery foam pad included
  5. Vertical VTX/RX Plate
  6. Fits micro and mini cam
  7. 106 grams dry weight
  8. High quality 3K twill weave carbon fiber

Flight Footage by Team Pilot